Dear Friends, thank you for taking your precious time to read About Me. 👍

I am Peggy – a Christian, wife, childless now (God will provide someday), blogger, self-publish writer, journal writer enthusiast & designer and lover of health & wellness.

For the longest time, I did not really put an effort to set up this blog because I was procrastinating and delaying (Ok, I am just a normal human being😛). However, thanks to God and many encouraging friends, online and offline, I did not give up and I am making progress. Although it is not perfect yet, I am loving it. I aim to make full use of this blog to contribute my part to make the world a better place.

When my beloved younger brother passed away due to stomach cancer, I was devastated😭. Long story short, I decided to leave the corporate world and do nothing. I was indeed lost and in constant sadness and regrets and missing my brother in heaven. Asking God why and trying to figure out why He took him away. In this dark moment, I spent much time looking for God. With His love, faithfulness, grace and mercy, I was comforted.

After some time, I decided to write. As I progress in my writing, I discovered a healing within as well as for my readers. I am so glad, through my writing, I found out that I am not alone and I could offer someone my comfort too. Therefore I determined to do a new thing and write.

I discovered my teachers, Martie Dread, KC Tan, Dave ChessonTom Corson-Knowles and Kristen Joy. Through their classes and guidance, I learned to create my own blog and about ebook writing, journal creating and publishing. I managed to turn my writing and daily journaling habit into a business venture. God has turned my sorrow into joy!

My goals for my blog, books and journals are to convey the message of love, hope and faith to empowering others to find their #happiness, live a good life and live life to the fullest.