Has anyone told you, especially on your birthday, that the older you get the wiser you will become? This saying may be true but do you really need to wait until you are older to become wiser❓

Well, you can accelerate it by embracing the habit of reading, especially you have good books to read. It sounds old school but it is indeed one of the best self-development and self-help option you can have.

With the habit of reading regularly in your daily life on good books, you can harvest tremendous benefits from it. It will build you up to be a person that can handle life steadily and enable you to make wiser choices in life. Therefore, you can avoid a lot more mistakes and misfortunes in your life.

Please check out my book review blog or click the link below to read the review. I hope you are inspired to read more as well.

  1. Prayer Changes Things by Charles Livingstone Allen
  2. Saving the saved-How Jesus saves us from try-harder Christianity into performance-free love by Bryan Loritts
  3. In Search Of The Real Spirit Of Christmas by Dan Schaeffer
  4. 10 Books To Read For The Holiday Season
  5. A Guide To a Happy Marriage by Faye Taylor